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The Rapids Archery JOAD Club offers youth (Ages 7 to 20) a chance to learn National Training System used by USA Archery, improve fundamental skills, learn advanced techniques, and perfect a consistent shooting style while getting to know other local youth archers.

Sessions are on Saturdays and run for approximately 10–15 weeks, the class start time may vary depending on other club activities. Normally we meet in the clubhouse's indoor range from September to April and the outdoor practice range from June to August.

The "Rapids" in our name comes from the city of Coon Rapids which is where Rapids Archery Club was originally located. That's why our logo has a raccoon and why our team is called the "Bandits." (It's the mask. Get it?)


Rapids Archery JOAD is sponsored by Rapids Archery Club in Andover, Minnesota. The club has existed since 1957 and features the best indoor and outdoor archery facility in the state. Our JOAD team appreciates the generous support of the club.